I have a secret. (morehustle) wrote in chicagohorrors,
I have a secret.

Save the Midnight Meat Train!


Short version: Lionsgate has, for whatever reason, decided to dump the Clive Barker film adaptation Midnight Meat Train (directed by Ryuhei Kitamura) into budget theatres in far-flung places throughout the country, guaranteeing that it appears as a box office failure. This apparently has to do with some sort of bullshit studio political wrangling-- the new boss didn't like the way the old boss did things, so the old boss's projects are getting dumped.

Bloody Disgusting is trying to organize fans to buy tickets to showings, whether you can make it or not, and hopefully sell out theatres this weekend and get Lionsgate's attention. Hit the link above to find theatres that have online ticketing (again, most of these theaters sell tickets for between $1 and $4) and show your support for horror before Lionsgate can use this as proof that R-rated horror is dead and gone!
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