I have a secret. (morehustle) wrote in chicagohorrors,
I have a secret.

Extras needed for independent horror/comedy (21+)

This Sunday (20 July), the independent horror/comedy "The Landlord" will be shooting a bar scene and extras are needed! Shooting will take place from 8:30 a.m. until around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. at the Gold Star Bar at 1755 W Division St. near the corner of Division and Wood. Everyone must be 21+ and bring a photo ID.

The setting is an ordinary neighborhood bar. Extras are asked to wear casual dress with no large brand names, trademarks, corporate logos or "Chicago" graphics (i.e. no Mickey Mouse, Nike logos or Chicago Cubs shirts).

Please email misfitsdan@yahoo.com with your availability on Sunday and any questions you might have. We will be filming shots for one scene requiring a few extras to stay from 8:30 through 12:00 and shots for another scene requiring a *lot* of extras to stay from 10:00 to 3 or 4:00. If you'd like to be in both scenes, that's fine - just bring two changes of clothing.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested, but remember: you MUST confirm with the production in order to participate!
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